RVing over the long Weekend

I’m RVing over the long weekend. I’m gained quite a bit of knowledge over the past year and a half with regard to the RV experience. I’d like to share a few of these with you:
The locks: CH751 to be exact. Some keys like the depicted one even have the number engraved on them. I told the people in the RV next to ours those locks are identical. They didn’t believe me, so I asked for permission to open their storage bin. I opened it and they were stunned. To top it off, I opened my locking gas cap with the same key. That’s just pure laziness on the part of maunfacturers. Of course, I chose not to reveal this little fact until I replaced my CH751 locks.

Weather: This is the first time we’ve had serious weather on one of our trips. “Serious” means rain, wind and threats of tornadoes. Hail — large hail, the size of softballs was a possibility. If you are dealing with these kind of threats, you had better scope out a nearby place for evacuation. In our case, that was the public bathroom on site. Unfortunately, those bathrooms are nowhere near large enough for everyone. So look for a second room on site, like the managers office to keep from being exposed to the worst nature has to offer. An RV is no protection from a storm. In fact, it’s less than no protection because you could get hurt getting thrown around in it.

Electricity: Electrical service in an RV park can be uneven. You have options to avoid damaging power surges, dips and outages. I have a device called a circuit analyzer; it can detect bad power pedestals and protect your equipment from surges. One of the RVers onsite showed us a product from Progressive Industries called the  Portable Electrical Management System. 

This item protects against a wide variety of electrical issues. The real interesting part was the guy’s locking mechanism for the device. It would take a day to release that item from the lock.

Bed: Everyone has different sleeping habits, but I for one recommend throwing out the mattress delivered with the RV. Unless it’s high quality, it’s in there due to its light weight and cheapness (see CH751 lock). Warning on the “short” queen: get something to extend it if you are > 5’10”.  We ended up buying a gel foam mattress from Walmart to replace the mattress that came from the manufacturer.

Water: This is a fairly controversial item. I’ve heard of people avoiding use of their water tanks completely. I hardly ever use the water in mine, except when we had the dealer perform work for us. I wanted to dump it, but I noticed the vehicles seemed to ride better with the tank full. Regardless, you should always have some fresh water in the tank. If something happened to the water supply, you have some on hand. I’ve read about an RV park having an unscheduled water outage. It’s also fresh water you’ve probably verified is safe to drink.

Of note, people like to use the semi-cheap Camco water filters and they are fine against impurities. On the other hand, those filters do no protect against hard water. We are purchasing a water softener. This will keep our pipes from getting calcified, especially here in Texas where hard water is commonplace.

We also have a hose attachment, a “Y” so we can use two hoses at once.  We can use the hose to clean the black and gray water tanks so we can get prepared to leave.

It’s amazing how much RVing relies on trust amongst the travelers. The community of RVers is very strong. The great thing about RVing is, you meet a lot of people who are similar to you. They have the same issues and desires as you do, at least as it relates to RVing. There is the chance among us RVers there are a very small number without the same desires as yours. In fact, we’ve heard about an RV park where locals — non RVers — would wander around the RV’s, looking for open doors. The only thing we’re trying to do is minimize the possibility of theft.

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6 Responses to RVing over the long Weekend

  1. So true about the locks! Fortunately we found that as well. We found a supplier of locks who makes the circular keys and they supplied us with 4 new locks and 4 keys (keyed the same for us) for about $120. ILH Locks is the name of the company.

    If you are planning to use the RV a lot, you might be interested in a water filter upgrade. We contacted RV Water Filter Store. They sell really good hoses (and they really stand by their products) that they custom cut for length. They also sell the house water filters. Pretty much any type available IMHO. We went with one that filters out sediment in two stages and a charcoal on the third. The filter replacements are cheap and durable. They really work hard too. We really like this company.

    Thank you for posting this! We are newer to rving and really enjoy hearing about others experiences!

  2. Oh, one thing about the water tank and leaving it partially full: On our trip to Yellowstone, we were surprised by a freeze and the external water pipe froze up. We used the internal water tank for water and didn’t skip a beat. No issues for us.

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