Preparing for your RV Trip

I have a colleague who went camping in the Western United States in a rented RV. They provided us with knowledge and experience for our future vacations. I’d like to share some of their experiences with you:

1) Get your vehicle thoroughly checked out: my colleague experienced difficulty with their tow vehicle. At a minimum, we should have a multi-point inspection before departing on a trip of any length.

2) Make sure your vehicle & trailer can safely do what you need it to do: Pay close attention to the weights of the tow vehicle and trailer. If you start getting into the max tow weights of the tow vehicle, back off. 

3) if you are renting an RV, get instruction on how to use the vehicle prior to departure: My colleague didn’t insist on knowing how to use the propane, dump station or other parts of the trailer. They thought they could view one or more of the numerous YouTube videos on this subject. In the end, they had to get help from … another RVer. Of course. That’s what we do.

4) Have an out: I am a Good Sam member and have a roadside repair plan. My colleague didn’t own an RV, therefore it wasnt a necessity. Still, even for a short trip you need to have  some backup. My colleague was more than 100 miles from any major city and roughly 50 miles from the nearest travel stop, when they had a problem with their tow vehicle. The problem occurred late in the day. It could have been disasterous if they hadn’t been able to get their vehicle going.

5) Bring your tools: Bring your power tools and your best tool set. You can’t be screwing around out in the middle of nowhere. My colleague brought their tools (on my suggestion) and made repairs. 

6) Prepare checklists and use them. Once again, my colleague thought they could get checklists off the internet. Once again, it didn’t work. Research for your checklists and write your own. It will save you time.

So there are some hints I find helpful. If there are any other hints, feel free to provide them.


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