How to Remove your Garbage Disposal and Install a new Badger 5

Have you ever had your garbage disposal mess up on you, and the damn thing decides never to work again? YouTube has your solution. Sarah of Sarah’s Home Improvement and Health shows you how to replace your garbage disposal:

Actually, it works for other garbage disposals besides the Badger 5. The Badger 5 is loud as hell, so I bought another disposal that’s much quieter. Interestingly enough, I hardly use the garbage disposal but when the crazy thing starts to leak, your options become limited.

And then there’s Sarah. 

When this video came up, I thought “WTF, this isn’t going to teach me anything.” Never judge a book by its cover. This lady actually made a quality instructional video. For me, there were several highlights. Sarah showed us how to knock out the plug for the dishwasher connection. She also said “f yeah” when she took the old disposal off. You know BSP has a soft spot for women who use the F word. We loved the part where Sarah declined to call the plumber who wanted to charge $150 to do a relatively easy job. Money as you know, is the bottom line on everything, and this is no exception. If Sarah helped me save $150, her video is all right in my book.

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