RV Snobbery

As you all know, I have a travel trailer. It’s occasionally referred to as a “bumper pull.” I let the guy who referred to my travel trailer as a “bumper pull” that I didn’t care what he thought of it. Frankly, I thought he paid a lot of money for something to tow around.

I’ve learned recently that some RVers are concerned with the type of RV other people have. As you may suspect, those persons with motorcoaches seem to be the most concerned. That’s when your RV — if it is not a motorcoach — may be referred to in less than flattering terms.

The one thing in RVing I don’t go for is RV snobbery. Here’s a fact: If you’re pulling, driving or towing your home — it’s going to get small quickly. Here’s something else I find to be true: I don’t RV to stay in my RV. We went to Yellowstone. We are going to Glacier, Grand Teton and Rocky Mountain this year. We’re going to see those places and we will not give a damn what it looks like on the inside. Our Yellowstone trip was a perfect example of this. Only one of our 8 days in the park did we get back before 7 pm. That meant dinner, a hot shower and going to sleep.

If the goal of your campouts is to brag about your RV, your life is sad. Trade the damn thing in and stay at home. Maybe you can look at the walls of your house and blow your own horn about how many windows you have.

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