Some of you know I have some property, some RAW land in South Texas. The land used to be pasture, until the owner died and his children took over. They weren’t interested in the property so they ended up selling it in relatively large plots from 10 to 14 acres.

Along comes BSP and purchases one of those plots. 

We’ve had it for several years, as that’s the location of our future dream home. In the meantime, we do some dry camping there. Meaning we have to carry our water and power to the property. 

What I’m going to write about tonight is RV power management in this situation. As you know, there are multiple methods of powering parts of our RV. We have a 30 amp system, which means we have:

120 volt power supply

120 volt AC system

12 volt battery

12 volt DC system

Power converter

The 120 volt power supply ordinarily comes from a pedestal in a RV park. We use a generator when we go RVing. We believe it is impossible to consistently dry camp in South Texas without a generator that supplies 23-30 amps, because you can’t run your A/C. However, the weather has cooled here so we can use our smaller generator. We needed our heater this past weekend. 

120 volt power supply runs fun stuff like your RV power outlets, some of your lighting, and your TV / stereo. It also charges, through use of your converter, your battery.  120volt generator  power can run your refrigerator and  water heater, but you typically don’t want to do that on a short stay.  I learned about the TV this morning when our little generator ran out of fuel. Doh!

The 12 volt DC supply is a necessity. 12 volt can run the more power intensive items on your trailer. Examples of these are the overhead ceiling lights, the refrigerator, heater & water heater. You can purchase a device called an inverter. The inverter allows you to convert 12 volt DC power to 120 volt AC power. We aren’t going to write much about that since we don’t yet have one.

The big thing I learned on this trip is you do not need to have your generator running all night! You can shut your generator off at night when the weather cools off. Your heater can run off the 12VDC. So, you can save on fuel and money. Side items I learned were the use of a 3000 watt power inverter is infintely  more desirable than a 2200 Watt generator, because we don’t have to swap them out dependent on the  weather. Another option is running two  2000 Watt generators in parallel. This can be costly”

The converter converts 120 VC to 12VDC so those parts of the vehicle  requiring 12 volts DC can still run.

The RV power system is really well thought out. It is quite versatile.

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