RV Water & Power Setup

Just wanted to show my RV water and power setup, for observation and comments.

The orange hose connects for the black tank flush. It’s an orange hose to distinguish it from a hose for drinking water. The power cable (30A) connects to the Progressive Industries box (below), keeping our power connection safe. Yes, that is a chain and a lock on the box. At $300, I can’t afford for it to go anywhere.

Our water setup is a little complicated. I connected almost everything for these photos, but the city water isn’t actually “on” in this instance.

We have a short hose connecting to the splitter (Y) for the tank flush, and for city water. The orange hose connects before the RV water intake, which I have filtered after the Y for this purpose. The orange hose normally has a back flow preventer, which I didn’t put on for the photo. In any case, I have the water filter, a superior water filter for the RV intake. The water filter canister is a Hydro Life. This item and the associated filter (C-2063) are pretty expensive but they make water taste great. We can actually drink the water from the tap, even though we rarely do so. We do wash our dishes with city water, meaning it must be filtered. The stand is to stabilize the water filter.

I recommend getting the best sewer hose you can get, meaning a heavy duty one — a Camco. We are using an old sewer hose because when it starts to leak, we can toss it. I have a heavy duty one, but it’s not going full ops until the old one gets a leak. I also recommend the metal folding stand for the sewer hose. It takes up about the same amount of room in storage while providing more stability.

We are having a cold snap now. That in mind, I drained the hot water heater. I also drained the fresh water tank. Not only that, I opened the back hoses … the ones at the lowest point in the vehicle … so I could drain all the water in the vehicle. I wanted to pump some antifreeze into the lines, but I didn’t have any at the moment. I’m actually not sure how to pump it into the lines.

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