Different tip for RVers

If you’ve done RVing for a while, you probably have an LP gas system. LP gas is generally reserved for heating water, the stove or outside kitchens and running the refrigerator/freezer in some circumstances.

By the way, you know you are in a great park when this little guy can walk by without being made into deer ribs.

Anyway, I wanted to cite the use of LP gas in your portable grills. For example, we have a Weber Q 1200.

We also have a gas outlet for our outdoor kitchen. I bought a hose connecting our RV’s gas outlet to our Weber grill.

Sure, I could have used a small bottle of Coleman propane, but I know we are going to refill our RV’s 20 lb gas bottle this coming week. So why not use that bottle up instead of opening our small bottle of Coleman? The Coleman bottles are more expensive, and we only use them when there’s no choice.

We can use the hose for our gas lantern as well, because we have extension hoses. We only do that when boondocking. I purchased a solar string light from Harbor Freight, which is utterly better in almost all circumstances.

So that’s a little tip for using your gas system.

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