Sig Sauer P320

I don’t talk about firearms much because it’s not a good topic. I’m interested in firearms. All of you who have more than casual interest in handguns know the Sig Sauer P320 is slated to become the U.S. Army’s (and U.S. Air Force) new standard sidearm, the M17/M18. While I have no interest in discussing the testing and evaluation phase of that decision, I will tell you I have a P320. I can also tell you I like Glock firearms though I’m no fanboy like seemingly all Glock owners. I’ve had a Glock 43, which is one of the best carry firearms available. It definitely does its job. It is highly reliable, like all Glocks. I’m also considering a Glock 19 because it kicks @$$. I guess I just sounded like a Glock fanboy there.

My P320 is now in a box, because I’m sending it back to Sig Sauer to get some imaginary work done on it. It’s supposed to have a problem with being dropped. I doubt it’s an issue because guns aren’t really designed to be dropped. Still I wanted to write about this firearm because the trigger is, in a word sh*t. A colleague who happens to be a gunsmith says the trigger is mush. Easily the worst I’ve ever had on a Sig. Ive heard people who think this is the best part of the pistol. No. I’ve owned the P239, 1911, P980 and they’ve been at least ok out of the box. It transforms the firearm from pretty good to meh. When I get it back, I’m going to have my colleague work on the trigger because it flat out sucks. I know Glock fanboy: you’ve not had that problem on your Glock? Well there a problem with Glocks, right out of the box: are you familiar with the term “SIGHTS?” You can sit back down at least for now, knowing those sights don’t mean much.

Did I mention my Sig Sauer 1911? I LOVE that firearm. At .45, it’s gonna hurt whatever it hits. Accurate with a shooter such as myself, and I’m not a great shooter. Highly recommend this weapon if you can afford it and you require a full size sidearm.

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  1. I sent the firearm back to Sig Sauer. They did something to it, because the trigger came back and it is superb! Kudos to Sig Sauer!

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