I mentioned RVing in the earlier post. We did some EPIC RVing in August – September. Over 18 days, we traveled 5,717 miles in 21 states. We started from TEXAS, meaning it’s about 300 miles just to get out of the state. The far end of the trip was in Maine. Once again, we started 150 miles from Mexico and ventured about 100 miles from New Brunswick!

That’s 122 hours, or five days of driving.

We visited 5 key locations, only spending 2 days tops in each. All the others were pass throughs. We stayed in Louisiana, Georgia (1 mile outside Chattanooga), Madison VA, Andrews AFB MD, Florida NY, Foxborough Mass, Bass Harbor, ME, Bennington VT, Grand Island NY, Dry Ridge KY, Memphis, TN, and Canton TX. Not one of our camping locations was bad, although in KY, we ended up camped between I-75 and a railroad track.

While in Florida, we visited New York City. We had the chance to visit the World Trade Center site and memorials,

took a boat ride of New York Harbor & to the Statue of Liberty

and ate at Katz Delicatessen.

That’s a corned beef sandwich, try the pastrami on rye, or the Reuben according to the store manager! New York City, we didn’t stay long but it was worthwhile!

While in Foxborough, we ate pizza at Sal and Mal’s. That was one of the special places on the entire trip. The owner personally met us and gave us samples of a desert while we waited for the pizza. This is what a great pizza looks like:

That didn’t last long, for sure. Sal and Mal’s is a great, great place!

We also saw downtown Boston, courtesy of my wife’s son. I already knew so, but Boston’s a great city and great for the outdoors. We walked around there, great after being stuck on a vehicle so much.

The end of our northward trek took us to Bass Harbor, ME. We visited Acadia National Park

ate seafood in Bar Harbor. I didn’t get blueberry pancakes but I did have some blueberry cheesecake.


We designed the entire trip to go to Niagara Falls. I had been to Niagara Falls before but didn’t appreciate it’s true splendor at the time. I was a kid, without much in the way of sense. I booked tickets on the Maid of the Mist. Here’s what Horsehoe Falls looks like up close:

We also visited family in Buffalo. One of the ladies from our church is from Buffalo. She recommended trying La Nova. As a result, we had buffalo wings in Buffalo. We also had some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.

When we left Niagara Falls, we went straight back to San Antonio by way of Dry Ridge Kentucky, Memphis and Canton TX. Actually it was interesting because we asked our pastor’s wife where to try some barbecue in Memphis, her hometown. She recommended a location. My wife’s a snob and declined to enter the place. We went instead to some barbecue place pushed by our RV Park. It was not my favorite place, but they had a decent tasting appetizer, it was unique.

After a night in Canton TX, we returned to San Antonio. I’ve never been so glad to return home. I drove almost all of the trip and frankly I was exhausted. I saw a lot of great stuff, met some great people and saw our family members but it was the hardest trip ever. If we do something like that again, we’ll end up taking 60 days to make the trip.

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