Your RV Starts to Age

What do you do when your RV starts to age? What happens when your RV shows that you’ve actually used it? I don’t know but I’m going to get the vehicle in shape to continue on. First, I’d like to mention some of my concerns:

1) Miles. I don’t know how many miles my RV has on it, but I’m certain it’s around 20,000. I’ve towed it at least 19,000 miles with my Ram 2500. It’s been to 25 states. I’ve thought about getting a new equalizer for it since it’s had some work.

2) Age. I am a little concerned about the functionality of some of the equipment in the trailer. The refrigerator is an ongoing concern, despite the fact it hasn’t had any issues. The power converter has suffered some shocks, due to a bad pedestal in a park and crossing battery terminals. Things come loose in the trailer during the many travels we’ve taken. If something has happened to the oven, we wouldn’t know it because we’ve never used it. It’s a nice storage cabinet.

3) What I don’t know: The water system is a royal pain in the arse. Until last month, I had no idea where the water pump was in the vehicle. I heard it but had no idea how to get to it. I want to replace it with an upgraded pump that isn’t as noisy. We had an issue with the bathroom sink faucet. It didn’t work for an entire weekend trip, but then it started working again on the next weekend trip. After I bought a new faucet. I was about to replace it then I didn’t have to do so. I thought I had a leaky sewer valve; turns out I don’t. In fact the cause of my leaky sewer valve may be someone who parks their RV near us in the storage lot. After they left the lot for good, we haven’t had the issue.

I ensure our RV gets annual maintenance from our dealer. We have an annual inspection done. We also get spot sealing done on the roof, service of our air conditioning, water heater and refrigerator. I once had the heater serviced but we rarely use it in South Texas. It has always worked quite well and it seems to be as reliable as any item in the system.

I think it’s also about time to get the wheel bearings repacked. I asked a mechanic who told me it needed to be done every 80,000 miles. I figure more than 5 years is tempting fate.

Keep an eye on your spare tire. Ours is mounted under a dealership cover. I hadn’t looked at it until our East Coast trip last year. It looks fine, but it can fall victim to dry rot if you don’t observe it relatively frequently.

I don’t even know if I posted about the electronic jack I put on the vehicle. It’s much handier, except I have to bring the battery to use it. If you’re traveling for multiple days, it’s super convenient.

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