Husqvarna Lawn Tractor Start Problems

BSP is here to help.

Ok, I have had some problems starting my Husqvarna YTH22V46 Lawn Tractor. By “some”, I mean always. From the day it was delivered eight years ago, it has started only twice without assistance. Naturally I was at work while Lowe’s delivered the device to my wife, then drove off without starting the vehicle. After I couldn’t start it for three weeks, I called the Lowe’s number on the back of the tractor. They didn’t even argue, they just wanted to schedule a pick up. Then I got it to start, twice. How did I start it? I’ll get there in a minute.

The salesman from Lowe’s said it was very sensitive to ethanol gasoline. I had purchased some regular gas from a nearby station and added Stabil. It wouldn’t start.

I also ensured the battery was fully charged. The delivered battery on these vehicles is a joke, they will last about 18 months tops. I kept it on a battery tender and pulled it off just to start the thing. No.

I changed the oil and fuel filter; drained the tank of that gas and drove 30 miles to the only place in South Texas that sold ethanol free gas at the time. That’s a story in itself because that place, Royce Geoff is Big Time to me. That place has provided a ton of value to me, it might even get its own post. That ethanol free gas started it twice. I got it on the truck, then mowed on my property. Once I got it home and cleaned up, it wouldn’t start again. I gave it a tune up. It wouldn’t start at all.

Here’s the consistent item I use to start the lawn tractor: starter fluid. I sprayed starter fluid into the air filter housing which is a giant pain in the ass. You have to lift the cover, take the air filter housing cover off, spray starter fluid in there, then put the air filter cover back on. It cranks right up. When it’s working, it does a great job.

To this day, I think Lowe’s took a display model and sent it to my house. It’s much more of a pain to set a new one up out of a crate than to just roll one that’s sat outside for months onto the truck. Like I said, it hardly ever started. They did it with my Bosch dishwasher, why not this?

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