Once Again, the Black Tank

Early in March, I decided to take the toilet wand and literally rinse out the black tank in my RV. To properly do this, I brought it by my house, filled a 5 gallon container with hot water, dumped some Dawn, 20 Mule Team borax and Calvin into the black tank. Then I took the wand, stuck it down the toilet and rinsed.

Eventually it got to full. I meant to empty the tank but it started to rain. I took the trailer back to storage so I thought I’d empty the thing the next day. I put some Happy Campers in there, so it would be fine if I let it go a few days.

Then I got called into work. I worked for 12 days straight. Today, two weeks after my shift work ended, and four weeks after I rinsed the tank out hard, I remembered I had filled it. Oh boy.

The black tank has not stunk up the trailer. We have a 360 degree vent, and the toilet had been cleaned out anyway. I had cleaned it prior to this soak, and Happy Campers is a proven product.

I am interested to see what comes out. I have a feeling it’s going to be gross, but not too gross. I suspect the tank will be less dirty than it’s been in a long time. The materials I had put in the tank were nothing more than you would use in the laundry.

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1 Response to Once Again, the Black Tank

  1. The black tank produced almost no utterly disgusting product. After 30 seconds it was running virtually clear. I’m pleased at how it turned out. I need to go camping again!

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