Water Pump

If you have a not as expensive RV like we do, you know the water pump is louder than hell. I’ve replaced the Flojet model in our RV with a Shurflo 4088 model.

It was not very hard to remove the old Flojet. I took off the clamps, unscrewed it from the location next to the master bedroom and removed the wires. It took about 5 minutes to remove the pump and 20 minutes to wipe up the water spewing everywhere. Never take off the pressure side first.

My idea on installing the Shurflo was to install a screen filter on the input end, but the cabinet was simply too small. Actually it fit but the installed water hoses were so short I would have had to seriously modify them for the item to come close to fitting. So I removed the screen filter and then it fit well enough to install.

I’ve not yet tried it, so I can’t report on the new water pump’s performance. I suspect it will be much quieter than the old water pump.

Speaking of the old water pump, it will be put to good use. I saw a YouTube video where someone used a water pump connected to a 6 volt battery to pull water from a plastic water tank. The object is to refill an RVs fresh water tank while boondocking. I’ll let you all know how that works out.

In the meantime, I’m strongly considering videos of my upgrades. I’d like to show how non-difficult most of the upgrades I’ve made, really are.

The key upgrade on the whole vehicle is the bed. Most RV stock beds are crap. We sleep on a Tempur-Pedic bed at home, so I wanted to get a memory foam mattress. I bought one from WalMart for about $300. It fit perfectly but it’s much heavier than the stock mattress. Then again, it’s a godsend on long trips, like the one to Yellowstone.i was thankful I had purchased that mattress on that trip.

If there’s a second important upgrade I made, its LED lighting. The incandescent lights were power hungry, hot and didn’t provide as much light. I swapped those out early in our RV experiment. Other upgrades were the motion LED pucks in cabinets, mounting a second TV in the bedroom and placing an Amazon fire stick on the device. I also use a Weber portable gas grill with the vehicle. I attach a low pressure hose to the RV gas line and cook using my RV propane tanks.

The last mention is of the tires. I was not too pleased with the tires because the salesman insisted I ditch my hardly worn tires for safety reasons. If he had actually told me the truth – the old tires couldn’t handle as heavy a load and the new ones were better rated, I would have bought them anyway.

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