Washing your Vehicle

I have recently become enamored with a different method of washing my vehicles. Before, I would fill a bucket full of water, put some car wash soap in it, rinse the car off then soap the vehicle. I would then rinse the vehicle again and dry it. Generally, this wash would last about a week.

No more. Thanks to YouTube, I’ve received some sound advice on washing my vehicles.

The key is using a mechanical device, such as a pressure washer to eliminate work. As a result, I can wash my vehicles in as little as 30 minutes. Additionally, I can do a much more thorough job as long as I have the right equipment, like a wand or a microfiber mop.

I use a tool called a foam cannon. The foam cannon and the trigger were expensive as hell. I purchased a foam generating wash via Amazon from Chemical Guys and used it with my tools.

I test all the stuff I buy with my Red Car. Red car is a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier. The paint is coming off Red Car, and it has a cracking dashboard. Red Car is as technologically up to date a vehicle as I have. It is the test bed. Red car has a wireless backup camera, Bluetooth, Sirius, and a navigation system. I wash Red Car with all the great products I get before I use them on my Ram 2500.

After I did the first of these washes, Red Car started to appear as if it had been restored somewhat. As I’ve washed the vehicle more, I tried different soaps. I’m a user of Aerospace 303 products (I found out about Aerospace 303 tire products via the RV experience). I had been using Griot’s Garage car wash but I stopped when I heard their low end products weren’t so great.

I also use an optical enhancer called C2v3 by Gtechniq. That stuff is spectacular. It had Red Car actually looking like someone cared about that car before I owned it. I use it on all my vehicles, because it also repels dirt and water. While C2v3 is a great product, I tried another Aerospace 303 product that’s essentially doing the job C2v3 does, except it does not require you touching the vehicle. It’s called Touchless Sealant. You wash it off. The End. After I dried the vehicle, it looked pretty decent. The funny part for me is the fact people can tell it’s a PoS, but someone’s clearly been working to make the car look good. A young woman stared at the car this afternoon, trying to figure it out I suppose. The good paint was glowing, the not so good paint still gleamed. I also used 303 tire balm on the tires so it was obviously cleaned up. 303 tire balm is kind of unique where it won’t make the tires glow but it will make them look good for up to a month while conditioning the tire safely.

I still use RainX for my windows, and microfiber towels to dry the vehicles instead of the blower. I found my blower wasn’t as effective as direct drying.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ve always preferred washing my own vehicles but recently I got lazy and paid a local car wash to do the vehicles, especially my truck. It just took so much time and it’s so hot in San Antonio, it just bakes the life out of you. If you do it early in the morning, you can make it happen before the weather gets out of hand.

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  1. I might have given the impression I think Griot’s Garage doesn’t make good products. That is untrue, they make tremendous products, particularly their tire and wheel cleaner. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in auto detailing, people have their favorites and their least favorites. I have a shelf full of Griot’s,
    I’ve learned there is a pricing element. Some products are priced at the level you’d expect a professional retailer to buy. You can get along without them.

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