Coronavirus, cruising and Returning to the United States

I certainly told you all I had cruised to New Zealand from Australia, and returned to Australia. I did not tell you on the return from New Zealand, I emerged with what the cruise ship doctor diagnosed as The Flu. Sunday, I was fine. Monday, I sank into horribleness. Tuesday, I went to the cruise doctor, received medication and placed into quarantine. Tuesday night, my fever broke, Wednesday, I felt much improved and Thursday we docked at Melbourne. I was escorted off the ship and instead of being taken to the airport in buses, we were led to and transported by a cab.

Then we went into the airport as if nothing had happened.

Mind you, this is the same time the cornonavirus is beginning to emerge into global attention. I was very concerned when we arrived in Los Angeles, I would not be allowed back into the country. It was somewhat interesting when I mentioned this to a … person. They said I didn’t have coronavirus because they would know if I did. I felt that was interesting. I was in an area supposedly without coronavirus. I was also going to LAX, an airport where passengers have been recently detected with coronavirus, supposedly contracted via a Korean Air flight attendant. We had seen a Chinese 747, where it seemed every passenger had a mask on and they had isolated all the travelers to a different part of Customs. I don’t know how they would detect if anyone had the virus. This was prior to the U.S. government flying people who had been quarantined back to the States

I feel badly for the passengers who were isolated on board the cruise ships for two weeks. I was quarantined for only 60 hours. 14 days in that room was almost unfathomable. I spend a lot of time outside the cruise cabin when I’m well. Being captured in a cruise ship room, especially when you don’t feel sick, is on the verge of punishment. I can’t even imagine being in an inside room.

I have a different perspective than most on how the U.S. government is treating the persons with coronavirus. I not only live in San Antonio, I also have rights, as a military retiree, to go on Lackland Air Force Base. They are storing the people in quarantine in the Gateway Inn, over on the parade ground side. It’s actually pretty isolated over there, even if you’re going to BMT graduation, which is nearby. It’s fairly close to on base housing. The Air Force had a town hall to talk about what exactly they were going to do. According to a colleague who attended a town hall, there wasn’t much “towning.” Directive in nature. There was nothing the attendees could do, and that’s what was going to happen.

I wouldn’t want to be over there. I’ve stayed in the Gateway Inn. It’s not a hotel, it’s VAQ, for visiting airmen and junior officers. It’s not five star accommodations. I feel for them, because they won’t get any of the hospitality here. It’s a tough sled for two weeks at least, as this author notes in the Washington Post.

About midway through this last cruise, we joked with another couple about getting sick on a ship and getting to cruise again for free because of the horrible conditions. I had mentioned I wouldn’t like it but I would take the cruise if that happened. Now it’s not a joke. Coronavirus is much more lethal than the regular flu. From what I understand, it’s not even the worst flu offering that we could have. A Spanish flu type event would kill millions, with it picking off the healthiest people. This is the most recent iteration, but certainly not the worst. It appears to be spreading through communities now through unknown means.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better, and it’s going to spread to areas where it has not yet been detected. It’s much easier to catch than people want to believe.

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