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Survivor Winner Todd Herzog in Rehab

I saw the Dr. Phil episode with Todd Herzog, Survivor winner: Photo credit to CBS Todd Herzog won the reality show “Survivor” at the age of 22. He started drinking at the same age, and now he’s drinking 3 bottles … Continue reading

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1,000 Posts

I was thinking of writing something profound for my 1,000th post. It’s not happening. I’ve had some fun and spread some bitterness. Blogging is fun. I’m going to continue. I don’t think I’ll see 2,000 posts but why not continue? … Continue reading

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Drunken hockey player breaks in house, gets arrested

In case you didn’t know, San Antonio has an AHL hockey team. One of the players, Scott Timmins, has a real problem after getting arrested for breaking and entering: Timmins is accused of breaking into Benjamin Garza’s home on Ridgecrest. … Continue reading

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Being a Great Sports Talk radio host in San Antonio

Sports talk radio is pretty much awful. Sports talk here drops down to suck. The average IQ of San Antonio’s sports talk audience is about 100…total. So I’m going to tell all those aspiring to become a sports talk show … Continue reading

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Tailgate Paradise

Just viewed the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise, where they had a special called “Tailgating Paradise.” To me, there’s no reason to go to a football game if you don’t tailgate. Yeah, BSP has cooked and devoured rib eye steaks, baby … Continue reading

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I admit, I drink beer occasionally. Beer is interesting because a lot of people I know don’t like the taste. The people I do know who like it are “committed” to it. I’m not the guy who can tell you … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today we give thanks to EXCESS. You know, the stuff that makes America the greatest country on the face of the earth. Today, we’re gonna eat, drink, watch NFL, college football and then shop more, better and … Continue reading

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