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Tiger Woods in Position to Win?

I don’t think he has enough in the tank to win it. This is not the Tiger Woods of old, where he would demolish the field just by being in the lead at the end of Day 3. The guy … Continue reading

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Michael Jordan and his Neighbors

My, how things have changed with Jordan. The Ultimate Winner, the man who led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA Championships is now the owner of the [should be contracted Charlotte BobCats]. The BobCats won’t win a title for 50 … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods…done?

We always expect comebacks from players when they are in their mid-to-late thirties. If they’re taking massive quantities of steroids, that is. Tiger Woods, if he’s not completely done, is rapidly approaching it. His play is now a shadow of … Continue reading

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The US Open

I didn’t bother watching the US Open, because our hero, Rory McIlroy was so dominating this weekend, so destroying the entire field that there was absolutely no suspense. Good for him. We at BSP think McIlroy is the greatest. Why? … Continue reading

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Are we still talking about this?

I was minding my own business when I saw a link having something to do with Cam Newton and Donovan McNabb. Intrigued, I continued and came to this. I have lots of questions. Why are we still there? What benefit … Continue reading

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The Ratings

I had to say this early, because I was listening to sports radio again. One of the guys says “ratings for this Masters were down 10 percent”. Who cares? Why even mention it? Besides a bunch of network flunkies and … Continue reading

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The Masters

We have to talk about The Masters, won by Charl Schwartzel with a great final round of 66! How can you not talk about this Masters?  Our friend Tiger Woods’ third round caused him to fall out of contention, despite … Continue reading

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Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie is one in a long list of child prodigies who hasn’t yet achieved the level of play expected of her. She was expected to be the female Tiger Woods. No, bad guys, I meant as far as playing … Continue reading

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