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Fantasy is something non-real; a trip the Sports Media takes us on. In their effort to gain ratings, sports media follows a sport and makes heroes/villains out of some people. A lot of times, those things just aren’t real. So lets call it Fantasy and where it resides is Fantasyland.

I Considered Climbing Mount Everest

Photo by Getty Isn’t it beautiful? Awe inspiring? I once had a strong desire towards climbing Mount Everest. I knew I had the physical and mental capability for making that trip, successfully climbing to the top of the mountain and … Continue reading

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Houston at New England

Isn’t it difficult to believe? It’s the 4th quarter of an NFL Divisional Playoff and the Texans actually have a chance to do something at New England. It’s 24-16 and … Brock Osweiller just threw a pick. New England now … Continue reading

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Stuff People Buy That Don’t Work

Here comes trouble, my first real trouble on BSP. I’m going against urban legend, and people are naturally hostile against something ripping into their moneymaking schemes. Someone I know sells this stuff called Zeal. Zeal is supposed to be a … Continue reading

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Todd Herzog in Deep Trouble

I thought I had posted this last week. Some of you have asked about Todd Herzog, the former Survivor winner. He had returned to Dr. Phil’s show, when he got cleaned up. He had been 112 days sober. Since then, … Continue reading

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Tony Romo to Play Today?

I see where Tony Romo is going to have to convince the Cowboys medical staff and leadership (aka Jerry Jones) in order to play today. Romo has two “small” fractures in his back. Says here those Cowboys and other fans … Continue reading

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Can We Reduce the Kirk Cousins Talk, Please?

At work last week, one of the guys who claims to be a Washington fan, said Kirk Cousins should be the Washington quarterback over even healthy Bob Griffin. Another claiming to be a Washington fan said the same thing. I … Continue reading

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Anna Benson: Koo-Koo For Cocoa Puffs

Did you see Anna Benson on Dr. Phil’s show? I’m only halfway through this show that I’ve recorded and she’s batsh*t crazy. She apparently had Kris Benson at gunpoint, but he called the police and got her arrested. She was … Continue reading

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Are you tired of the Seahawks Yet?

They’ve never won a title. They haven’t been all that successful over their history. But my pick to win the Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks are quickly wearing out any possible popularity they’ve gained with their antics. From super-douchebag coach … Continue reading

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Sweetie Pie’s

I watched this season’s final episode of Sweetie Pie’s. This reality show is probably one of the worst on television. If anyone wanted to characterize the African-American family as totally dysfunctional, they could cite this show as evidence. “Miss Robbie”, … Continue reading

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No he doesn’t

I saw on where LB James wants to play an NFL game before it’s over. No he doesn’t. He just thinks he does. You see, LB James would be just another dude if he played NFL football. Okay, a … Continue reading

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