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The Rat Hall of Fame is a place where the biggest rats in society reside. Examples of rats are Tiger Woods road lizards, the friends of Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco and mob turncoat Henry Hill. You squeal, we have a category for you.

Sterling’s Comments and Reaction

By now, all of you have heard Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers made comments widely regarded to be racist, to his mixed-race (black and Hispanic) girlfriend:   Sterling discussing his players: You just, do I know? I … Continue reading

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Fox Sports Radio’s Pure Phoniness

I was on the road this afternoon and listening to Fox Sports Radio’s Saturday lineup. Ugh. It’s total nonsense; pure garbage. First, this guy comes on, I think it was in “Bobby Bones” spot. He’s talking about how Peyton Manning … Continue reading

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No wonder he quit

Just looked at Deadspin’s “The Worst Stuff from the Miami Dolphins Investigation“. No wonder the NFL chose to have it released on a Friday. It should raise a storm of fecal material in … everywhere. If that’s deemed “locker room” … Continue reading

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The Capture of Colonel Dog

Of all the stuff I’ve seen in the past few weeks, NOTHING pisses me off like the capture of Colonel Dog. Hey idiot, the dog can’t understand your bullsh*t gibberish. The Afghanistan Taliban, during a firefight with US troops, captured … Continue reading

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What does BSP dislike more than the Broncos?

You know BSP doesn’t like the Broncos. As much as I don’t like the Seahawks, I soooo hope they pummel the Donkeys in the Big Bowl Game. But there’s someone I like less than the Bronkeys: If news on Justin … Continue reading

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Mike Pereira Goes Into Hall of Fame

The Rat Hall of Fame that is. Turns out when Jason Tarver gave officials the middle finger twice while screaming obscenities at them, Mike Pereira was watching. Tarver’s actions bothered him so much he called the league office to tell … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Participant Picks

Here we go: San Francisco – Atlanta: A lot of times, broadcasters will say “Brady versus Manning”, and stuff like that. It isn’t true. It’s Brady versus the other team’s defense and Manning versus the other team’s defense. MATCHUPS win/lose … Continue reading

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