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This term has multiple meanings:
1) Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, the WWE, the NBA and anyone else who does something just to bump up the number of television viewers.

2) Is applied to represent what sports media says “but the ratings…”
The ratings mean what? No one wants to watch on TV? So what? As far as I knew, athletic talent playing well has nothing to do with television ratings. Ratings are an excuse by sports media not to cover something or someone because they are just too damn lazy.

Super Bowl 51

You want to know who’s going to win this game, don’t you? I was thinking it’s going to be New England, because everything tells me they are the better team. I’m getting the familiar “feel.” The feel says you have … Continue reading

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This is awesome programming

Watching Steve Wilkos’ show from Thursday. Megan, the mother confessed to police that she tried to smother her 2-year old child. She then recanted her story and has gone on Steve Wilkos’ show to prove her innocence. As we know … Continue reading

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Wilbon Speaks Undeniable Truths

Ya’ll know I can’t stand Wilbon. In fact, his Chicago homerism inspired our “homerism” tag on this blog, along with use of the word “toadyism.” Today, I turned on PTI then the batteries died in the remote. So I’m trying … Continue reading

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Total Disaster

In between Black Friday events, I’m watching DVRed Maury’s. Sherry just found out her 19-year old son has a child with her former neighbor, 30-plus year old Lakeisha. Sherry claimed her son was sleeping with the woman when he was … Continue reading

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Jerry Jones has no business in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

It’s November 5th, and I was reading an August 23d column of MMQB. In particular, a fan’s comments to MMQB regarding Jones’ Hall of Fame candidacy: I am a big fan, but I feel I need to point out how … Continue reading

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Catfish: The TV Show

I’m down with back problems. I can barely move without my fantastic medications, so I’m lying in bed. The Cat walks by and steps on the remote.  Here comes “Catfish: The TV Show.” I’m figuring this has got to be … Continue reading

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Ben to marry Lauren B?

You saw “The Bachelor” finale where Ben proposed to Lauren B? Now did Ben drag his pastor out here to mess this up with no wedding? At least JoJo came away with The Bachelorette. She deserves it.

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