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Clear Source water filters

Many of you use water filters with your RVs. Typically you go camping and you aren’t sure of the water quality at the camping location. Most campers I see use those Camco filters from WalMart. I’ve viewed the numbers on … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Gander Mountain

Some of you know the sporting goods store Gander Mountain is going out of business. I was one of those people sad to see Gander Mountain shutting down. It was an option for those of us into the outdoors, for … Continue reading

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How to Remove your Garbage Disposal and Install a new Badger 5

Have you ever had your garbage disposal mess up on you, and the damn thing decides never to work again? YouTube has your solution. Sarah of Sarah’s Home Improvement and Health shows you how to replace your garbage disposal: Actually, … Continue reading

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Oh, that D750

Have you noticed Bittersportspills isn’t so much about sports anymore? Anyway, that D750, the camera I referenced as “badass” in a prior post, is exactly that. We are going on a trip soon and I will post some shots. If … Continue reading

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A Word on The Granary

In our Kreuz Market post, we mentioned Rudy’s. Rudy’s is a chain of barbecue joints in South and Central Texas. I think there are three “real” Rudy’s and the rest are franchisees. Frankly I hadn’t tried a franchised Rudy’s until … Continue reading

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Talking Trucks

I have a travel trailer.  A travel trailer requires a vehicle to tow it. Sometimes, these can be SUV’s, sometimes a truck. In my case, I have an “ultra light” travel trailer, the gross weight — the maximum weight of … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor

Went to the USS Arizona Memorial today.    If that doesn’t sober you up, nothing will.  I’ve been to Hawaii several times, but never had the honor to visit the memorial. I was determined to visit because this is a … Continue reading

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South Texas Weather

Has anyone noticed South Texas is getting large quantities of rain? Despite the number of dead, injured and property lost … and we feel for those who lost loved ones … we needed the rain, badly. I think we’ve received … Continue reading

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Carnival vs Royal Carribbean

I recently booked a cruise on Carnival, and read a Cruise Critic post on how a cruiser enjoyed their cruise on a Carnival boat more than they had on a Royal Caribbean ship. Several people contested the original poster’s opinion. … Continue reading

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Veterans Medical Care and the VA

I’m seeing yet another article, this time on CNN related to the VA system. Apparently, whistleblowers are being silenced. I don’t doubt it. Then again, I think these problems are being exaggerated to some degree. You see, it’s been … … Continue reading

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