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Something that I’ll never intentionally write about.

Sports ruling bodies

BSP has always said sports ruling bodies are corrupt to some extent. One of the worst when it comes to actually breaking laws is soccer’s ruling body, FIFA. This organization has not only compiled $1.5 billion in cash reserves, it … Continue reading

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Landon Donovan’s Criticism of Jurgen Klinsmann

First a word about hairstyle.  How does BSP know anything about hairstyle? Easy. I’ve dated and lived with black women, Hispanic women. My stepmother is a hair stylist in Atlanta. My wife was going to open up her own salon. … Continue reading

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Fans Behaving Badly

Saw a blurb on ESPN this morning on the NFL and fan violence. Seems there’s concern about fan violence in the stands. Stuff like this does not speak well for NFL fans: I’d give the patented “are you kidding … Continue reading

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What Freedom Means to Me

On July 4th, as Americans, we are celebrating our freedom. I can tell you what Freedom means to me: Freedom means living in the best country in the world, bar none. If you don’t believe me, I’ve been to twenty … Continue reading

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Soccer Player Passes During Match

This is something incredibly sad: A soccer player suffers cardiac arrest and dies shortly afterwards: Stunning that there’s footage available for this tragedy. To be honest, we don’t like soccer much at BSP, and we have a lot of reasons … Continue reading

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Soccer “Fans” Riot in Egypt

You’ve heard about “Bat Day” in Yankee Stadium. What about the Malice in The Palace, where NBA players going into the stand to fight fans? How about the Black Hole, or Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium, which had a jail on the … Continue reading

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Did you notice…

…we didn’t do a review on the Women’s World Cup of Soccer. Why? Because of our preoccupation with…everything else.This in spite of the numerous bandwagoners shouting “U-S-A! U-S-A!” I heard where a lot of people were upset with the end, … Continue reading

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Women’s World Cup

I heard about the Brazil-United States match up in Women’s World Cup. It ended up in a shootout. Yes, it must have been exciting. Of course, anything that decides a championship in a shootout must be exciting. Except NOTHING SHOULD … Continue reading

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Women’s Soccer

Just when I thought there was nothing less interesting than men’s soccer, here comes women’s soccer. Just because the US is good in women’s soccer, they think we actually want to watch it. Or care about it. NO. Today, the … Continue reading

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Worst Fans, Ever

Today, I read a column in the Washington Post by the disgraced columnist Mike Wise. He states the American Sports Fan needs to regain their civility. He then excoriates Philadelphia fan. You know, by defining them as the worst sort … Continue reading

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