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Please Help Us, Mr. Official

Watching Michigan and Florida State here in the Orange Bowl. Michigan is completely overmatched from a physical standpoint, but fortunately they have the officiating crew to help keep the game close. And I like Michigan! Michigan needs a short field … Continue reading

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Jets Fan: What Do You Want Them to Do?

If you’re a Jets fan and you saw tonight’s 41-10 debacle against the Colts, you want something to be done. Usually, “something” means firing the coach, maybe the GM, but something must be done. You can’t stand for this. For … Continue reading

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Indians on Brink of Title?

Are you surprised? Cleveland, the forgotten team in this World Series, is on the brink of its first World Series championship in 68 years. The Indians took a commanding 3-1 lead in games with a 7-2 win Saturday night in … Continue reading

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St. Louis Rams Going Gunning

Originally posted on bittersportspills:
I mentioned I had total disdain for the Denver Broncos. Another team I don’t like, even though they’re not in my team’s division or conference, is the St. Louis Rams. The Rams go gunning for other…

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Maintaining Your RV

I haven’t posted much here over the past month. That’s because one day in March, I received coupons in the mail from our RV dealer. These were for things like “RV A/C maintenance”, “RV refrigerator maintenance” and the like. I … Continue reading

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I see where ABC News is running a piece on GMA regarding Peyton Manning’s involvement in a sexual assault case over 20 years ago. Of course, we at BSP knew about that in the 90’s, explaining in part why we … Continue reading

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Making A Murderer

Photo by Associated Press. Have you watched it? What do you think? Here’s my take on it: Steven Avery is probably guilty of murdering Teresa Halbach, but the police wanted to make sure he was guilty. Brendan Dassey is possibly … Continue reading

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