This is awesome programming

Watching Steve Wilkos’ show from Thursday. Megan, the mother confessed to police that she tried to smother her 2-year old child. She then recanted her story and has gone on Steve Wilkos’ show to prove her innocence. As we know at BSP HQ, that’s a bad recipe. That’s a thing that lands guests in prison.

Megan spends her time on stage yelling at the child’s father, who has apparently left her. The dude just says “she did it.” Uh oh.

After Wilkos reads the polygraph results, which tell us Megan is guilty as hell of abusing her child, she goes screaming off the stage. She’s wailing while Steve tells the father Megan is a piece of crap. Megan is making too much noise back there, so Steve leaves the stage to throw Megan out of the studio. Steve tells her she’s a terrible mother and she’s going to jail. No she’s not. She’s going to prison.

There is a difference between jail and prison. Jail >>>> prison.  Jail is where you go after you get caught drunk driving. Someone inevitably goes to bail you out. Prison is where you go after you get convicted and sentenced for vehicular manslaugher.  The state decides when it’s time for you to leave.

Sometimes I’m amazed Wilkos can take the results of his show, even though he’s a cop. I get a laugh out of people thinking they can beat the polygraph; I’ve had multiple polygraphs and unless you’re a complete psychopath, it’s not happening. Steve Wilkos represents excellent programming because he has an unending stream of guests coming to his show. There’s an unending stream of people with screwed up lives who just want to put it on the air.

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Wilbon Speaks Undeniable Truths

Ya’ll know I can’t stand Wilbon. In fact, his Chicago homerism inspired our “homerism” tag on this blog, along with use of the word “toadyism.” Today, I turned on PTI then the batteries died in the remote. So I’m trying to find how to change the channel, and here’s Wilbon jabbering away with Kornheiser.

I could find little fault, hard as I tried with Wilbon’s comments. Here are the following:

– It was a hold, Chiefs. That includes you Travis Kelce, stop making excuses

– Cowboys fan has to be devastated (not a bad thing in the eyes of this blog)

– Aaron Rodgers is the man; Tom Brady is the MVP but that’s a regular season award

– If you are Tomlin, you want to do something with Antonio Brown for being a locker room rat, but you can’t. Brown is your second best player.

– Shut up, Seahawks. You’re not good anymore

– Cavs – Warriors don’t play enough to be a rivalry

Wilbon is still a Chicago homer, but these assessments are spot on.

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Mike Tomlin’s Postgame Speech

Did you, like everyone did, Antonio Brown capturing Mike Tomlin calling the New England Patriots “assholes?”
That makes me laugh.

Another thing that made me laugh was sports media’s outrage at the various comments. 

Hell, everyone in the AFC calls the Patriots assholes. Mostly because they have dominated the conference for the past 15 years. The Baltimore Ravens brought up deflated footballs to the Indianapolis Colts. The Jets constantly gun for the Patriots through their media supporters and the NFL front office. The Broncos sign players who used to play for New England in their efforts to topple them. The Raiders will detest them forever due to Tuck Rule. The Chargers were probably the best team on two occasions where they lost in the AFC playoffs. And now, here are the Steelers, a team stopped at least twice enroute to the Super Bowl by New England.

The Patriots are assholes. Really, really good assholes. Get used to it, along with them winning. Get used to people hating them, a lot.

By the way, the Patriots are in the AFC championship game for the 6th time in a row. In their previous 5 times, they have gone on to win the Super Bowl once. 

Winning Super Bowls is really, really hard.

And BSP isn’t even going into the realm of Antonio Brown videotaping in the locker room. That whole thing gets into Rat Hall of Fame territory.

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Houston at New England

Isn’t it difficult to believe? It’s the 4th quarter of an NFL Divisional Playoff and the Texans actually have a chance to do something at New England. It’s 24-16 and … Brock Osweiller just threw a pick. New England now has the ball inside the Texans 20.

Now New England just punched it in, and it’s 31-16.

Do you think Houston can score 32 points on the road?

Me neither. 12:16 left and Houston needs a pair of touchdowns. Time to play with the grandson.

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Clemson vs Alabama

Wow. 1 second left. Clutch. Congrats to Desean Watson, Hunter Renfrow and the Clemson Tigers.

Alabama is a great team, but it’s extremely difficult to beat elite teams 2 times in a row.

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Please Help Us, Mr. Official

Watching Michigan and Florida State here in the Orange Bowl.

Michigan is completely overmatched from a physical standpoint, but fortunately they have the officiating crew to help keep the game close.

And I like Michigan!

Michigan needs a short field to score. Their running game is dead. So the officials gave the Wolverines a break or five. Now, Michigan scored to take the lead.

Add in the fact Steve Levy and Brian Griese are calling this game; they are so biased towards Michigan … not that the former Michigan quarterback would be biased towards Michigan?

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Next Time, Pick a Better Role Model

Was just watching some WWE tonight. Saw a woman by the name of Nia Jax totally destroy a woman named Scarlett making her debut on Raw. Scarlett claimed Sasha Banks was her role model.

What, you thought I’d be watching the Cowboys? Guess again.

Anyway, this woman, Nia Jax just mauled this woman, this little woman, from the start of the match. It looked like Kalichi Ossemele just shove around a defensive lineman from a team to remain unnamed. At the end of the match, Jax shoved Scarlett’s pretty little face into the mat. She then took the mike and stated:

“Next time, pick a better role model.”

I haven’t laughed that hard since last night, when Al Michaels said how bad the niners were.

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