Hog Hunting

You already know I live in Texas. Texas is the national leader in lots of things, but one thing we aren’t happy about is the fact this is the leader in feral hogs. Unfortunately, there are millions of feral hogs in this state.

You must understand, feral hogs cause millions annually in damage to agriculture and property. Feral hogs are literally like roaches. They breed quickly, then they destroy the property. Ranchers do not like them. After all, would you like a bunch of feral hogs on your property, digging it up, eating your crops and shitting all over the place? Feral hogs breed with domesticated animals, leading to a wide variety of characteristics in the hogs themselves.

Hogs are strong, crafty and fast. They have an idea people don’t want them. They do not want to die. Despite the dozens of videos out there on hog hunting, its not an easy task. And yes, this particular task is why AR-15’s aren’t going away any time soon. That particular rifle is well suited to the task of feral hog eradication.

So take a look at the hog hunting video we’re posting. It’s not sport killing; it’s eradication. Unlike in this video, not all of these hogs are good eating. A hog hunter I know is also a soldier in the US Army. He has a method to prepare feral hogs for eating to remove their gaminess. In the instance we are posting, the main hunter is eating all of the feral hogs they’ve killed. They did so humanely.

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A Tale of Caution for the Las Vegas Raiders

Have I mentioned that yet? The Raiders are indeed leaving Oakland (again) to move to Las Vegas.

Tell me this is a good move.

Let me tell you of another team that moved from its home, due to political issues: the Washington Redskins. Team owner Jack Kent Cooke built a new stadium in Suburban Maryland, in a town called Landover, the former home of the Landover Mall. You have to understand this, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium was a dump. It seated just about what the tarped Oakland Coliseum does now; 54,000. You understood that Washington’s fans were right on top of you there. They had the Hoggettes. They had the band playing “Hail to the Redskins” whenever they scored. It was a very intimate place to play football. It was not going to be a fun day for a visiting team in that place.

The Redskins were also a pretty good team. They had won three Super Bowls in a 12 year time span under head coach Joe “Jake” Gibbs.

When they left RFK Stadium, they basically lost whatever edge that team had as far as home field advantage. The team was already in steep decline. The fans were away from the field. Get this, the Raiders are moving to another state. The Redskins moved 15 miles! These were the same fans, they still had the band, but the ATMOSPHERE was totally different. If you’ve been in both of those stadiums, you know what I’m talking about, and you know it’s true. After Cooke’s death, Daniel (freaking) Snyder bought the team and set about making it a money making machine. The Redskins are now one of the most valuable teams in the league. Snyder increased the revenue streams into revenue rivers. 

Oh, did I mention the team sucks? Since 1999, the Redskins have played six playoff games. Three of them have been in Washington. They are 1-2 at home in the playoffs since the move from RFK.

In their tenure at RFK Stadium, Washington was 70 games over .500 during the regular season, with an 11-1 playoff record. 

Mark Davis is going to make a ton of money in Las Vegas. Still, his team isn’t going to have the same fan support there, no matter what. Raider Nation travels? So what? The fans aren’t going to be on top of the opposing team like they are in Oakland, even if they are the same fans. Opposing players aren’t going to be wasting time with fans screaming at them in pregame. Las Vegas police won’t turn the other way, like they do in Oakland when the fans give the other teams fans crap. Owners like Jerry Jones — how that guy got in the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a complete joke, a suck up of enormous proportions — look at skyboxes and think money in their pockets. So does BobMcNair. In the eyes of their fellow owners, they are successes no matter what their team does on the field because they are cashing in. For the fans, they just become disgruntled as their teams collapse.

You say, what about the Baltimore Ravens? They left a dump in Cleveland for a brand new stadium in Baltimore, and they won a Super Bowl in short order, right? Right. But Baltimore has a history as a gritty tough NFL town with some of the greatest teams and players in NFL history. They embraced the Ravens, and yes, Baltimore is a tough place to play. To their fans it was like the Colts came back with a different name and a real defense. They didn’t comp tickets to the visiting team’s fans, a certainty to happen in Vegas.  John Elway would have become a legend IF he had been drafted by Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens.

Have you noticed all the new stadiums look similar? 

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RV Snobbery

As you all know, I have a travel trailer. It’s occasionally referred to as a “bumper pull.” I let the guy who referred to my travel trailer as a “bumper pull” that I didn’t care what he thought of it. Frankly, I thought he paid a lot of money for something to tow around.

I’ve learned recently that some RVers are concerned with the type of RV other people have. As you may suspect, those persons with motorcoaches seem to be the most concerned. That’s when your RV — if it is not a motorcoach — may be referred to in less than flattering terms.

The one thing in RVing I don’t go for is RV snobbery. Here’s a fact: If you’re pulling, driving or towing your home — it’s going to get small quickly. Here’s something else I find to be true: I don’t RV to stay in my RV. We went to Yellowstone. We are going to Glacier, Grand Teton and Rocky Mountain this year. We’re going to see those places and we will not give a damn what it looks like on the inside. Our Yellowstone trip was a perfect example of this. Only one of our 8 days in the park did we get back before 7 pm. That meant dinner, a hot shower and going to sleep.

If the goal of your campouts is to brag about your RV, your life is sad. Trade the damn thing in and stay at home. Maybe you can look at the walls of your house and blow your own horn about how many windows you have.

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Latest Cruise

About 18 months ago, I booked a cruise while on board a cruise. My intent was to sail aboard the Carnival Breeze and eat Guy Fieri’s burgers.

That’s it. That was my only goal, besides getting roasted on a nightly basis.

Mission Accomplished.

I had a great time on this cruise, mainly because I sailed with my sister. My wife didn’t want to go to the Bahamas; I didn’t care. That meant I didn’t have to get up early for excursions; there were three sea days and three ports. I spent an ungodly amount of money. I SLEPT. It was a vacation.

The cruise was completely cool. I had never sailed to the Bahamas before. It was just relaxing, getting some fun in We also visited Key West in addition to Freeport and Nassau. Key West to me was a tourist trap; Freeport and Nassau needed our visit. Apparently the Bahamas had been hit by a heavy duty storm last year. We could see the damage in the ports. One person who had been away from the port told us the islands were a wreck.

A couple of things I’d like to note:

Sailing out of Galveston was cool. Most of the people cruising were from Texas or other parts of the Midwest. The other cruisers were actually decent human beings. They were … polite. Much more polite than you’d see if you were sailing out of Miami or the West Coast.

The Breeze is not like it was the last time we sailed her in 2012. The ship is tired, and she’s going into dry dock for upgrades. It’s going to be a great ship again when they are done.

Finally, we booked another cruise for next year. I’ll discuss that one more in the upcoming months but the next one is going to be the biggest big deal of our cruises so far.

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So Much to Write About

Since Super Bowl 51, there’s been so much to write about …

– Super Bowl 51

– Stanley Cup playoffs start tonight

– went RVing TWICE

– planned another RVing trip to the Northwest

– planning on an RV purchase

– went on a cruise

– booked a transatlantic cruise

And some other stuff. I’ll get back to you all shortly!

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Super Bowl 51, aka Biggest Fail Ever

Saw the game, it was terrific. I wanted Atlanta to win, but thoroughly enjoyed New England’s comeback/Atlanta’s collapse. Having been there for numerous team collapses, I enjoy a good collapse when I have nothing invested in it.

I’ve seen one poster on one site describing why Atlanta lost that game. It’s actually quite easy. Atlanta didn’t want to win; they wanted to DESTROY the Patriots. That’s why they were taking a 7-step drop with the score 28-3. It’s why, when they only needed a field goal to make it an 11-point game with 3 minutes left, they were still trying to throw. That resulted in sacks, penalties and a nearly unmatchable loss. According to ESPN, it could be the Worst Loss in NFL History.

Offensive coordinators are aggressive and arrogant. Kyle Shanahan thought the way to win was through trusting Matt Ryan, who despite his MVP numbers had shown no sign of being trustworthy. Ultimately, he didn’t believe in his running game. And he certainly didn’t help his defense, which had been out on the field too long.

I’m not sure Kyle Shanahan would have been to return to Atlanta if he had not been hired by the niners. In fact, I’m not sure I’d want to hire Shanahan after this fiasco. This is worse than the Oilers disaster against the Bills. That was only a playoff game. Super Bowl 51 was a global spectacle in front of 110 million people. #Falconing is now a Twitter word. It means grabbing oneself around the throats and squeezing until unconscious. This loss is going to follow Shanahan around for life. If he wins a Super Bowl, so what? You blew your first one. He wins 3 Super Bowls? Ok, but he still coached the Worst Loss in NFL History. It will never go away.

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Super Bowl 51

You want to know who’s going to win this game, don’t you?

I was thinking it’s going to be New England, because everything tells me they are the better team.

I’m getting the familiar “feel.” The feel says you have momentum on your side. I have no feel for this one.

BSP is going to go with the feel. Atlanta in an upset. We may be on the verge of the end of the Brady era. That of course means the Patriots will rout the Falcons, but the feel of this one says it won’t even be close.

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