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Missed Approach

Last weekend, we went to a reunion in Tampa. It was pretty cool. The family had never had a reunion before and it ended up becoming a spectacular event.  We flew back to San Antonio on a nonstop from Tampa. … Continue reading

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International Air Travel

Did I write about our international air travel? Before I get into that, let us mention the EgyptAir tragedy. Prayers go out for those who had friends and relatives on board that aircraft. Don’t jump to conclusions. The reason that … Continue reading

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The Ups and Downs of Air Travel

Despite having been in the United States Air Force … the greatest air force in human history … for over 20 years, I hate flying. I hate that I actually have some idea what is happening in the air, what … Continue reading

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Miami – N.Y. Jets

Does anyone want to see this? I mean, does anyone besides idiot Jets fan — aka, New York-based sports media — think this is what the nation tunes in to watch? The Miami Dolphins with their punchless offense against the … Continue reading

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What Happened to the Plane?

If you haven’t heard about the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, you’ve been in hiding. This really pisses me off. As far as BSP is concerned, it’s a no-brainer someone commandeered the aircraft and flew it off into … Continue reading

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“The Bachelor” Producer Deals With Irate Airline Passenger

Saw where Elan Gale, producer on The Bachelor’ reality series, got into it with a passenger on a recent flight. The passenger was upset because she, “Diane” was going to miss Thanksgiving dinner with her family. Gale noted that all … Continue reading

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Vacation to Australasia…or somewhere else?

A long time ago, I had the chance to go to Australia on an assignment. I didn’t. I ended up going to Warner Robins, Georgia instead. Anyway, we are looking at doing another vacation. Since I have hardly any leave, we … Continue reading

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