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The Ups and Downs of Air Travel

Despite having been in the United States Air Force … the greatest air force in human history … for over 20 years, I hate flying. I hate that I actually have some idea what is happening in the air, what … Continue reading

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Tipping and the Service Industry

Tonight, my wife and I ate at a trendy upscale restaurant. This was the kind of place where the waiters wear uniforms, and most of them are men. It was a dining experience. The service was impeccable. What I thought … Continue reading

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Some Tips on Air Travel

While we are in sports dry season, we’re going to talk some about air travel. Because air travel isn’t like the old subsidized days, its a hard thing to do. Since BSP is here to help, we’re going to give … Continue reading

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Sweaty Chicago O’Hare

Don’t know if I did this post when I actually traveled through the place, but two weekends ago, I had flown from Baltimore to San Antonio via Chicago O’Hare, on the hated United Airlines Express Jet.  Man, United is awful … Continue reading

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Airport fare

Last night, I had to make an emergency trip to the Northeast. My mother is having a physical problem, requiring surgery Monday AM. I had to get a jillion dollar ticket from San Antonio. Since San Antonio has no real … Continue reading

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