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Super Bowl 51

You want to know who’s going to win this game, don’t you? I was thinking it’s going to be New England, because everything tells me they are the better team. I’m getting the familiar “feel.” The feel says you have … Continue reading

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Whiny Jim Prevents Atlanta from Showing Up niners

Did you see what Mike Smith was trying to do on the final play of Candlestick Point’s ballpark? He was sending Matt Bryant out to kick a field goal to put it in the record books that the last team … Continue reading

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New York – Atlanta

I’m watching the Jets at Atlanta in one of ESPN’s “We Must show the Jets” games, with Coach Gruden and douchebag Mike Tirico. I know, you all think he’s great but I think he’s nearly as biased as Al Michaels. … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Participant Picks

Here we go: San Francisco – Atlanta: A lot of times, broadcasters will say “Brady versus Manning”, and stuff like that. It isn’t true. It’s Brady versus the other team’s defense and Manning versus the other team’s defense. MATCHUPS win/lose … Continue reading

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