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Ohio State DEF Alabama

Ohio State defeats Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, 42-35 to reach the National Title game in Dallas. They will play the Oregon Ducks. Meanwhile, SEC honks don’t get to give their “S-E-C” cheers. Don’t worry folks, Alabama’s turnovers didn’t hurt … Continue reading

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TCU’s Bitterness and The Committee’s Mistake

While at work today, actually tuned away from the biased Fox News to watch the Peach Bowl. It was 21-0 in the first half, and I could already sense we’re going to see an eight team playoff soon enough. TCU … Continue reading

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Quick Lane Bowl

Are you watching the Quick Lane Bowl? With the score 40-14, it’s clear: Rutgers is okay and North Carolina is garbage. I’ve always wondered how the ACC destroys football programs. With the exception of Florida State, every single football program … Continue reading

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Evan Spencer: “we’d wipe the field with both of them”

Evan Spencer, the Ohio State wide receiver, was apprised of the situation where Alabama is #1 in the latest BCS poll, with Florida State #2. The undefeated Buckeyes are a distant third. Spencer admitted his bias and then said “I … Continue reading

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