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Can We Reduce the Kirk Cousins Talk, Please?

At work last week, one of the guys who claims to be a Washington fan, said Kirk Cousins should be the Washington quarterback over even healthy Bob Griffin. Another claiming to be a Washington fan said the same thing. I … Continue reading

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I Thought Only Good Teams Played on Sunday Night

Is this what you’ve been waiting all day for? This was as funny as when Dan Dierdorf said “are you ready for some football” during the 4th quarter of a Hall-of-Fame game broadcast. The 4-7 Giants, whom Chris Collinsworth just … Continue reading

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Philadelphia – Washington

Are you watching the Redskins try and fight back against Philadelphia? It’s 33-20 with just over 10 minutes left in the game. The Redskins narrowed it from 33-7 to 33-20, but the Eagles are driving the ball on the ground. … Continue reading

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Monte Kiffin; Cowboys Defensive Coordinator

I heard rumors earlier this week the Cowboys were hiring Monte Kiffin as their new defensive coordinator. Yesterday, they announced they were bringing in the 73-year old Kiffin to coach their defense. I can’t believe this team is doing such … Continue reading

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