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Cam Newton is Getting Beaten Up

Just saw the NBC pregame for tonight’s NFC East snoozefest. Cam Newton spoke up about getting hit. Of course, this is the NFL where everyone except Tom Brady gets hit, but Cam Newton is taking a ton of physical abuse … Continue reading

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One Standard for you, Another for Me

Above all else on this Blog, we hate the Double Standard. You know, the one that says you can do one thing, but I can’t do the same thing because you are, well, you. Here’s the deal: If I’m Cam … Continue reading

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Carolina – Seattle

Aren’t you watching Carolina and Seattle? After all the off-field nonsense this season, you watch this game and it’s a pleasure to watch two teams play football. No kidding around, this is hard core football, no one’s giving up or … Continue reading

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Changing of the NFL Guard

Did you see the New England – Carolina game? The way how it ended made me think, we are seeing something truly significant here. There’s a changing of the NFL guard. Granted, its only a suspicion New England got an … Continue reading

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ESPN, the Ratings Ho

This morning on the way in, the Mike and Mike Show…a poor national alternative to the local sports talk radio shows …. talked about Cam Newton, and then got into the Cowboys. The Cowboys. The team that played one of … Continue reading

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