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Dirtiest Team in Football

We once did a piece on how the Broncos would be the dirtiest team in football if it weren’t for the St. Louis Rams. Well, they are the Los Angeles Rams now, and they are still the dirtiest team in … Continue reading

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Gabrielle Union Makes Up Stuff For Wade’s Cheating

BSP has never liked Dwayne Wade. We believe Wade is one of the many professional athletes who draw a pass for being a terrible person by virtue of his athletic talents. Many people we call douchebags due to their success. … Continue reading

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Torts Goes Off on Dirty, Arrogant Penguins

Unless you’re on another planet, you’ve seen Brooks Orpik’s dirty hit on Derek Stepan: You know we’re not fans of the Penguins by any stretch. We like their players even less than we like their fans, which is truly remarkable … Continue reading

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