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After “Haves and Have Nots”, I watched one of my DVRed Wilkos shows. One segment was on a woman named Ashley. During her relationship with Darrell, Ashley became pregnant. Darrell doubted Ashley’s child was his. While Ashley was pregnant, Darrell … Continue reading

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My Total Disdain for the Denver Broncos

I have to go into this post saying I’m an Oakland Raiders fan. I do know Chiefs fans and Chargers fans who hate the Broncos with undying passion. It’s almost amusing to us who know how the NFC East fans … Continue reading

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Talk About Home Field Advantage

Did you see the Lions get jobbed at Seattle last night? The Lions were working on a road win at Seattle. With 1:45 left the Lions advanced the ball to the Seattle 1-yard line, where Calvin Johnson fumbled. Seattle linebacker … Continue reading

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Porsche Ellis: A Cheaters Legend

During the day here, they replay old Cheaters episodes on the CW35. One of those old episodes was the Porsche Ellis episode. Porsche Ellis is one of the best episodes of Cheaters ever, because it was clear early on she … Continue reading

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Hiding Disasters

Ok, I’m reading about New England and their “deflating” the football during the AFC conference championship game. People, especially major sports media like Mike and Mike filleted the Patriots for destroying Indianapolis while using partially inflated footballs. In fact, some … Continue reading

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CowboysFan, please stop weeping

CowboysFan, I’m a bit tired of your crying about the Dez Bryant call. I know, you and your team are not used to being jobbed. You are definitely used to being the team benefiting from another team being jobbed. But … Continue reading

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A comment on the non-catch

Did you – and everyone else in the country – see Dez Bryant’s catch get overruled? They had to call that catch a drop. First, it’s always a non-catch. It’s a non-catch with Calvin Johnson, and especially Bert Emmanuel, in … Continue reading

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