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Lovie Must Go

When I first started watching hockey so many years ago, the Capitals were playing Philadelphia in a playoff series. Of course, those Flyers couldn’t skate, but they sure could goon it up. Down 0-2 in a best of five series, … Continue reading

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John Fox sacked

The first major mistake of the Elway era: John Fox is OUT as the Denver head coach. The rest of the staff has been told they are free to go. I’ve told you all, John Fox is a quality head … Continue reading

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Coaches to Get Fired

I’ve seen a couple of articles on coaches to be fired. Rob Chudzinski will be fired, according to Chris Mortensen. Two other sources say a final decision hasn’t been made. The Browns lost their last seven games of the season. … Continue reading

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Dennis Allen on Thin Ice

BSP is not a big fan of coaching changes. Basically, it’s a situation where a coach can tell a player what to do, but they have to execute. Personally, I don’t think there’s much of a difference between coaches. Either … Continue reading

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Prayers for Coach Kubiak

Was watching the Sunday night game, Case Keenum’s big party where he threw three touchdown passes to Andre Johnson and the Texans had a 21-3 lead at the half. Texans were flying high, Keenum looked like a real gunslinger and … Continue reading

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Mark Davis is “Pissed”

Mark Davis, the owner of the Oakland Raiders, says “I’m embarrassed, pissed, disappointed and I take full responsibility” for the Raiders awfulness this season. The Raiders were actually better this week having only given up 38 points today. Previously they … Continue reading

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Coach Gruden to Philadelphia?

In case you didn’t notice, the Philadelphia Eagles are 3-7, playing terrible football and Coach Andy Reid is likely to get sacked at the end of the season. So who would the Eagles bring in to help that team to … Continue reading

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ESPN, the Ratings Ho

This morning on the way in, the Mike and Mike Show…a poor national alternative to the local sports talk radio shows …. talked about Cam Newton, and then got into the Cowboys. The Cowboys. The team that played one of … Continue reading

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