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Ohio State – Oregon

I didn’t think Oregon was that good and Florida State was that bad. Most fans, and certainly broadcasters don’t understand the snowball effect. Momentum is such a huge part of the college game. Don’t care about Oregon right now. Give … Continue reading

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Cardele Jones: We Ain’t Come to Play SCHOOL

Anyone besides me watching Alabama slowly strangle Ohio State? Cardele Jones can accept some of the blame for this situation. His bobble of a snap earlier in the game led to a blown opportunity, where Ohio State was unable to … Continue reading

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TCU’s Bitterness and The Committee’s Mistake

While at work today, actually tuned away from the biased Fox News to watch the Peach Bowl. It was 21-0 in the first half, and I could already sense we’re going to see an eight team playoff soon enough. TCU … Continue reading

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College Football Playoff Choice

Just heard Herbstreit say his top 4 are (in order) Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State. Only one problem with that for the committee: How do you demote TCU completely out of it from 3rd, when they smashed Iowa … Continue reading

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