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Geno Smith brought it On?

Cris Carter says Geno Smith brought on the now infamous sucker punch by former Jets and new Bills linebacker IK Enemkpali. Carter states: “It’s a lack of leadership on Geno Smith’s part that he would put himself in harm’s way … Continue reading

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Dallas Cowboys actively supporting a Criminal

Don’t you remember when the first reports of Ray Rice and his then-fiance’ got into the public eye? According to CBS (and other outlets), head coach John Harbaugh recommended cutting Rice at the time of the incident, a move that … Continue reading

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I’m going to write about Ferguson and its rioting today. It’s appropriate because of the sad and sorry events there. Look, my first exposure to rioting was a paper I did on the Watts riot in 1965. Serious business. It … Continue reading

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The Worst Dude Ever

Today, former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was charged with 2 counts of first degree murder. There are some bad sports-associated dudes, but Aaron Hernandez is the worst. Worse than the Juice, who at least had the decency … Continue reading

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Jodi Jury Wins Award

Remember this little gem from BSP, during the Jodi Arias trial?  If this jury swallows her crap, they’ll take the “Biggest Dumbasses Ever” award. As you can imagine, the “Biggest Dumbasses Ever” award is not enviable. Surely enough, the Jodi … Continue reading

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Jury questions to Jodi

So Jodi got back on the stand and lied some more. This jury can’t understand so much of her story, they asked more than 100 questions of her. “What’s your definition of skank?” was one of the questions they asked … Continue reading

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Jodi Arias Trial

This is even better than the trash TV I normally watch: The Jodi Arias trial continues, with the woman on the stand for six consecutive days. Video by tawnidilly In case you didn’t know, Miss Arias killed Travis Alexander, by … Continue reading

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Socially Unacceptable Nutjobs

I was reading the local newspaper’s article on the Aurora Theater criminal’s motivations, and the attack he had meticulously planned. I had heard one victim’s relative didn’t want to give this nutjob, this super loser attention because he didn’t deserve … Continue reading

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