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Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland Rocks

Are you watching the Browns … the BROWNS … bulldoze the Cincinnati Bengals at Cincinnati? At the end of the third quarter, it’s 23-3 Cleveland, and it hardly seems if there’s a way they can blow this game. Brian Hoyer, … Continue reading

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Tony Romo to Play Today?

I see where Tony Romo is going to have to convince the Cowboys medical staff and leadership (aka Jerry Jones) in order to play today. Romo has two “small” fractures in his back. Says here those Cowboys and other fans … Continue reading

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Tony Romo

I didn’t watch much of the Cowboys-Bears game due to flight difficulties. I understand Tony Romo had some issues in that game. Like throwing five picks. Too funny, someone on Charissa’s SportsNation show yelled at “who’s that to?”, on the … Continue reading

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