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The shooter in Dallas is dead, per Reuters.  We will find out there was one shooter, no bombs, and a killer with no ties to terrorism or black lives matter. This week, which started with a celebration of America’s birth, … Continue reading

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Biggest Douchefest In History

My God, Donald Trump has the worst hair in humanity. Have you noticed all BSP posts are starting to run a common theme? I own some property south of here. Today, I arrived out there and found two of my … Continue reading

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Dallas – Chicago

The Cowboys are visiting the Cold North tonight. Although its cold down South too. It’s 42-14, Bears. Meanwhile, DeMarco Murray is looking like a superstar running against the Bears. He’s over 100 yards in a game his team is trailing … Continue reading

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“We’re heading into nut country today”

50 years ago today, John F. Kennedy uttered the words in the title of this post. I don’t do politics on BSP, therefore I shall not comment more, except to say John F. Kennedy would recognize today’s Texas. There’s a … Continue reading

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