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No wonder he quit

Just looked at Deadspin’s “The Worst Stuff from the Miami Dolphins Investigation“. No wonder the NFL chose to have it released on a Friday. It should raise a storm of fecal material in … everywhere. If that’s deemed “locker room” … Continue reading

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SportsCenter Measured in its Full Glory

Was reading Deadspin, came across the article “What I Learned From A Year of Watching SportsCenter“. All of BSP’s suspicions about biased sports media are correct. 1) Total bias towards pet players: The two top mentions of athletes belonged to … Continue reading

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Deadspin and the Attempted Rebirth of Common Sense

Have we ever mentioned our love of Deadspin? We do. The really cool thing about Deadspin is, it was BSP before BSP…with a lot more time on their hands to write. Even though we now include food, drink and travel … Continue reading

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Deadspin and Bill Conlin

Today, I was minding my own business at work. I had been doing research on something, when my results came up with Deadspin. As you (don’t) know, Deadspin has nothing to do with my line of work. You know I … Continue reading

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