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The Verdict: GUILTY

Jodi Arias, found guilty of premeditated felony murder. Her reaction? Virtually none. So what? She’s a killer. She can kill someone; she can slit someone else’s throat. She’s a murderer. She isn’t going to have a reaction. She’s a narcissist. … Continue reading

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Juan Martinez: Game. Set. Match.

It’s all over for Jodi Ann Arias. Even her staunchest defenders have to acknowledge Juan Martinez and his closing argument hurt pretty badly: We just had a discussion on what could Jodi’s attorneys possibly say that could get her a … Continue reading

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Can We End the Arias Trial Now?

I believe its over, and Miss Arias is going to at least get life in prison. Probably life without parole and that’s if she’s lucky. Today, Jodi Arias made what may be a fatal mistake. When the jurors asked “what … Continue reading

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Jodi Arias’ Testimony

If Jodi Arias gets anything less than life without the possibility of parole, it’s a travesty. If this jury swallows her crap, they’ll take the “Biggest Dumbasses Ever” award. I thought about this for a bit and it’s remarkable what … Continue reading

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