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Because You’re A Clown Show, Clown

Watching local sports tonight and saw where not only are the Cowboys not going to discipline Greg Hardy for shoving an assistant coach in their loss to the Giants, they are going to offer him a contract extension. The Cowboys … Continue reading

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Dallas Cowboys actively supporting a Criminal

Don’t you remember when the first reports of Ray Rice and his then-fiance’ got into the public eye? According to CBS (and other outlets), head coach John Harbaugh recommended cutting Rice at the time of the incident, a move that … Continue reading

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Wild Teens Caught on Camera

I’m watching Dr. Phil and they are talking about “Wild Teens Caught on Camera”. In one, there’s one girl who hits another girl in the head with a shovel. Her mother is proud of her: Are you kidding me? Dr. … Continue reading

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Do You Believe Him?

I heard commissioner Roger Goodell’s comments today: He’s sorry. The same mistakes can never be repeated And unfortunately, he’s not quitting. Sad. It’s even more sad that ESPN, in an rare turn towards journalism did an “Outside the Lines” report … Continue reading

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What about Janay? What about the victim?

I’m almost done with this subject. Think about the most humiliating moment of your life. Now imagine it being played out on television screens all around you for … forever. That’s what Janay Rice is going through right now. While … Continue reading

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Ray Rice’s Suspension and Sports Media’s Indignation

You know NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for two games, due to an altercation with his then-fiance, now wife. We discussed this in our blog post “Ray Rice KO’s Fiancee.” We also correctly noted: … Continue reading

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Juan Martinez

Are you watching Juan Martinez, the prosecutor in this Jodi Arias trial? This dude gets pissed with his opponents. Today he strafed the defense psychologist who said Jodi the killer was suffering from PTSD. The defense psychologist tried to justify … Continue reading

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My Racist Neighbor

Tonight I was washing my car, when a man who used to be married to one of my neighbors stopped by his old house. I thought for a minute how they used to fight, verbally and sometimes physically. I also … Continue reading

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