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This Can’t Possibly be Real

Yes, those are words I may have to eat. Donald Trump is still running for President. In fact, he’s doing quite well. Tonight, the Republicans square off in a debate. This is probably the last chance for other candidates to … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is running for U.S. President

Have you heard, the originator of “The Apprentice”, the man who introduced this blog to Kenya Moore, is running for U.S. President?        New York Daily News, 17 June 2015 Thank goodness, things were getting boring around here. We … Continue reading

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Biggest Douchefest In History

My God, Donald Trump has the worst hair in humanity. Have you noticed all BSP posts are starting to run a common theme? I own some property south of here. Today, I arrived out there and found two of my … Continue reading

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Trump Buying the Buffalo Bills?

Did you see where Donald Trump is talking about purchasing the Buffalo Bills, and keeping them in Buffalo? At first blush, this is a great idea for a Bills fan. A billionaire comes in and promises to keep the team … Continue reading

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