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Choking Dogs? This isn’t Easy.

Every time the Capitals get in the playoffs, they fall short. This time, after getting a 3-1 lead on the hated, ESPN-backed New York Rangers, they lost, 2-1 in overtime of game seven. ESPN’s media responded with the typical “choking … Continue reading

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Baltimore -Pittsburgh

Tonight, I was thinking about how much I hated the Broncos and their phony bandwagoning fans when I realized Baltimore and Pittsburgh were playing. Yep, I allowed my hatred for everything puke blue and vomit orange to consume me. I … Continue reading

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Buzz Aldrin Properly Addresses a Conspiracy Theorist.

Of all the things we despise on this blog, the one we hate the absolute most (as of today) is Reality Deniers. You know, the people who are sometimes called “Truthers”, as in something they actively avoid. Lee Harvey Bag … Continue reading

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NBA Season Starts – So What?

The NBA season started this week. I have a feeling this season’s scripted The Finals is going to be between The Lakers and … the Miami Heat. That would be a stunner, wouldn’t it? Sorry, NBA media, and this means … Continue reading

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