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Warriors – Cavs AGAIN

This time I’m glad to see it. LB James proved himself as the GREATEST NBA PLAYER EVER in their 7 game series against a better team in the Boston Celtics. Boston, despite the absence of two of their All-Stars, fought … Continue reading

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What’s the bottom line in the NFL? How does your team decide to keep or get rid of players? Is it winning? Is it only winning, or is it image? It’s some of both, but you cannot have a controversial … Continue reading

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The Current Top Five List of Giant Bags

Otherwise known as the Douchebag Hall of Fame, As you know, this blog pays attention to people who are big douchebags. Some of these people are well accomplished. Most are famous for talking, and especially for their often off-base statements. … Continue reading

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Florida State DID Beat Themselves

Read SBNation’s post where Jameis Winston claimed Florida State had beaten themselves. SBNation kind of ridiculed his statement: Despite the blowout loss, Winston claimed that it was FSU that beat itself, not that the Ducks were necessarily the better team. … Continue reading

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Bengals Fan gets reward, Saints fan gets ball and bag

Did you see this? In Sunday’s Bengals domination over the Saints, when Jermaine Gresham scores on a 1-yard pass, he goes over to the stands and tosses the ball to a Bengals fan. Instead, Saints fan Tony Williams grabs the … Continue reading

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Dr. Phil’s Sugar Babies and Daddies Show

I’m watching a DVRed Dr. Phil show. It’s about golddigging women who get money from men who want female companionship. There’s a semi-hot woman here saying she doesn’t want to give up the lifestyle of someone who gets money for … Continue reading

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Miami – San Antonio

Tim Duncan: “We’ll do it this time.” LB James: “They were the much better team” And they were.  Tonight, San Antonio demolished the Miami Heat, 104-87 to win the 2014 NBA Title. The Spurs were the better team LAST YEAR, … Continue reading

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“The Bachelor” Producer Deals With Irate Airline Passenger

Saw where Elan Gale, producer on The Bachelor’ reality series, got into it with a passenger on a recent flight. The passenger was upset because she, “Diane” was going to miss Thanksgiving dinner with her family. Gale noted that all … Continue reading

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Mike Pereira Goes Into Hall of Fame

The Rat Hall of Fame that is. Turns out when Jason Tarver gave officials the middle finger twice while screaming obscenities at them, Mike Pereira was watching. Tarver’s actions bothered him so much he called the league office to tell … Continue reading

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Riley Cooper

I was reading today about Riley Cooper, who during practice said a word so vile Profootballtalk.com can’t even write what it was. Pathetic. Holy smokes, this guy dropped the N-bomb during a concert. Now the team, the league and of … Continue reading

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