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Former Vanderbilt players convicted of Rape

Who would want to have sexual relations with a woman totally passed out? This is unbelievable. While we are amazed these young men threw their lives away, we shouldn’t be. According to a study, nearly one man in three in … Continue reading

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Wild Teens Caught on Camera

I’m watching Dr. Phil and they are talking about “Wild Teens Caught on Camera”. In one, there’s one girl who hits another girl in the head with a shovel. Her mother is proud of her: Are you kidding me? Dr. … Continue reading

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Todd Herzog in Deep Trouble

I thought I had posted this last week. Some of you have asked about Todd Herzog, the former Survivor winner. He had returned to Dr. Phil’s show, when he got cleaned up. He had been 112 days sober. Since then, … Continue reading

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Dr. Phil’s Sugar Babies and Daddies Show

I’m watching a DVRed Dr. Phil show. It’s about golddigging women who get money from men who want female companionship. There’s a semi-hot woman here saying she doesn’t want to give up the lifestyle of someone who gets money for … Continue reading

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Richard Randall and TLAMs

I’m watching a DVRed Dr. Phil, and it’s a nightmare. This woman, Norma, got catfished by someone named Richard Randall who claimed to have been in North Carolina, but is now in Ghana. He allegedly went to Ghana because her … Continue reading

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V. Stiviano on Dr. Phil

I’m watching V. Stiviano talking to Dr. Phil McGraw about the Donald Sterling incidents. You know, where the billionaire lost his basketball team over the comments recorded by her. Thank you, DVR for letting me get these comments: From the … Continue reading

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Amy’s Baking Company

I’m watching Amy and Samy of Amy’s Baking Company on Dr. Phil. As you know, Amy and Samy appeared on Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares.” The interesting thing is, Amy’s Baking Company is actually quite good food. Ramsey said the kitchen … Continue reading

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Anna Benson: Koo-Koo For Cocoa Puffs

Did you see Anna Benson on Dr. Phil’s show? I’m only halfway through this show that I’ve recorded and she’s batsh*t crazy. She apparently had Kris Benson at gunpoint, but he called the police and got her arrested. She was … Continue reading

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