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Don’t (mess) with the Cartels

I just had dinner with my wife, and we discussed my son. I told her I could help him with anything, except for the following: – Drinking and driving – getting a chick pregnant – f**king with drug trafficking organizations, … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong: Bad Guy or Good Guy?

By now, everyone knows Lance Armstrong FINALLY came clean about his juicing and cheating. Armstrong admits as much, in a two-part interview with Oprah Winfrey that he lied. I listened to Colin Cowherd today and he was talking about bad … Continue reading

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Junior Seau’s Sad Life After Football

I was looking for material on the Denver – San Diego game tonight. Then I came across this piece on Junior Seau. I could sum it up for you but you need to read it. Junior Seau: Song of Sorrow … Continue reading

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Never Die Alone

I watched the movie, “Never Die Alone”, on HBO. It’s about a drug dealer who leaves a trail of broken people in his wake. Eventually he’s killed by a young man who turns out to be his son. The son … Continue reading

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