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A Word about Yellowstone Park

I just watched Sean Michael in the Long Long Honeymoon series discuss their Five Favorite Places to see in Yellowstone National Park. If you’ve viewed this blog for a while, you know BSP has been to Yellowstone National Park twice. … Continue reading

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Spare Kit: An Essential of RVing

We’ve been doing this RV thing for about 3 years now. I’ve learned there can be a situation you just didn’t account for. An example of this is when my wife and I went on a tour of the local … Continue reading

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Events in San Antonio I Want to See

In case you haven’t noticed, San Antonio is well off the beaten path. In fact, even here in Texas, we are not among the crossroads of the state. Houston and Dallas have intercontinental airfields, our airport sucks big time. There … Continue reading

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The Future of Marketing

The Washington Post did a story on how a former WWE ring announcer sought out a child fan and found he had cancer. WWE not only got the child meetings with his favorite wrestler, but actually inducted the child, Connor … Continue reading

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I decided to watch my wife’s DVRed copy of the new show “Empire.” Empire, a show about a rapper turned music industry mogul and his family/associates is really interesting. There are several storylines that are difficult to follow, but the … Continue reading

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When’s the First Chinese Female Pop Star Coming?

Did you notice the Rise of China is really getting time in the media? For example, stuff we don’t care about related to China is starting to pop up on the front pages of the news: That’s talent. That’s huge. … Continue reading

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NCAA In Trouble?

Yesterday, I listened to Geoff Sheen, one of the few non-clowns on local sports talk radio. While San Antonians find him annoying, Sheen has often brought up topics not discussed around these parts. Sheen discussed the Big 12 conference commissioner, … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Television and Sam Kinison

I am watching Sunday night television.It’s not too bad. I saw less than one minute of “Big Brother”. Total shyte, won’t ever watch it again. I tuned into “Celebrity Wife Swap.” They have “Downtown” Julie Brown of MTV fame and … Continue reading

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1,000 Posts

I was thinking of writing something profound for my 1,000th post. It’s not happening. I’ve had some fun and spread some bitterness. Blogging is fun. I’m going to continue. I don’t think I’ll see 2,000 posts but why not continue? … Continue reading

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Jodi Jury Wins Award

Remember this little gem from BSP, during the Jodi Arias trial?  If this jury swallows her crap, they’ll take the “Biggest Dumbasses Ever” award. As you can imagine, the “Biggest Dumbasses Ever” award is not enviable. Surely enough, the Jodi … Continue reading

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