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Please Pray for him

I was in church today when I remembered a colleague asking me to pray for a friend of his. His friend is someone I know; he recently had surgery. Personally, I think the guy is ok — as OK as … Continue reading

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Iyanla, Un-f**k-Up My Life

This isn’t even funny. Iyanla Vanzant has on her season premiere a record industry dude named Jay Williams who has between 34 and 43 children, with 17 mothers. Come on, man. This guy claims he needs to do something for … Continue reading

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An Inconvienent Truth

No, not some political thing, silly. I mean, my feelings about having relatives over for a visit. I hate it but there’s no avoiding it. They decided to show up today. The dude texted my wife at 4 am and … Continue reading

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Self-Inviting Relatives

Guess what? I have relatives who have decided to invite themselves to our humble abode for Thanksgiving. That means they expect you to prepare a great meal for them, while you were minding your own damn business. There are certain … Continue reading

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Depression and its Ultimate Results

I’m sorry, but if you are looking for sports, please come back another time. I am writing about depression and its devastating effects upon a family. Monday night, my niece took her own life. She was 24. She overdosed on … Continue reading

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Helping Those Who Do Not Want Help — The Bitter Truth

Earlier on this blog, I discussed my oldest sister’s horrific behavior concerning my mother’s funeral. In case you didn’t see that post, here are the basics: – My mother passed on August 8th – My other sister called my oldest … Continue reading

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