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Rhonda Rousey versus Floyd M. Mayweather

Rhonda Rousey, an Olympic medalist in judo, and Floyd M. Mayweather keep jousting in one of the most stupid war of words ever. Apparently, Mayweather had no idea who Rousey was, and she was offended. ThenĀ  Rousey used Mayweather’s history … Continue reading

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Aftermath of Pacquaio – Mayweather

I remember saying BSP loves Floyd M. Mayweather, Jr. Well, at least we did then. I’m reading all kinds of nonsense, now that “Money” Mayweather humbled Manny Pacquaio. Stuff like Floyd got on his bike; Floyd “ran” from Pacquaio, etc. … Continue reading

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Money Mayweather Claims his Reality Show is Fake

Was reading Deadspin when I came across this article claiming Floyd “Money” Mayweather said his reality show was fake: Floyd said there were 3-4 breaks in that 30-minute sparring session with Rahman Jr and Cameron. So that was BS. Nice … Continue reading

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