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The Martin-Incognito Event: Let’s Just See if there’s Anything Missing

As you know, we discussed the Johnathan Martin – Richie Incognito event. In that post, we were outraged with respect to Incognito’s use of a derogatory term, “half-n****r”, among others. It turns out, there may be more to it than … Continue reading

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Josh Freeman Released

According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, Josh Freeman, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback, has been released. The Bucs contacted every one of the NFL teams but didn’t receive interest in a trade. And why would the other teams … Continue reading

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St. Louis – San Francisco – Termination Game & Cheap Shots

This series ends tonight. And the Giants are ahead, 8-0, in the middle of the eighth. Hey, I used to live in the Bay Area, and I am partial to the SF Giants. I know, Pac Bell, er, AT$T Park … Continue reading

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