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Minnesota gambled. Minnesota lost.

A new stadium. Preseason predictions of a Super Bowl berth. Minnesota on a high. Minnesota lost their quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, to a serious leg injury in preseason. To compensate, they traded a 1st and 4th round pick in 2017 for … Continue reading

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Thursday Night Sacrifice

You know Thursday Night Football is pretty much terrible. The interesting thing about it is, the league seems to prefer one team over the other in selecting its Thursday Night Sacrifice. That is, the road team on the short week. … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Picks

It’s Seattle, in what should be a less difficult win for them than the NFC Championship Game. Green Bay is a better team than New England, although the the Patriots are far better coached. More on that later. Seattle is … Continue reading

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Hiding Disasters

Ok, I’m reading about New England and their “deflating” the football during the AFC conference championship game. People, especially major sports media like Mike and Mike filleted the Patriots for destroying Indianapolis while using partially inflated footballs. In fact, some … Continue reading

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Clay Matthews takes a Kill Shot

Did you see Clay Matthews put a kill shot on Russell Wilson in yesterday’s game? Did you see Russell Wilson go absolutely to garbage afterwards? At halftime, Jimmy Johnson correctly noted Wilson didn’t even bother to read the defense after … Continue reading

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Conference Championships

This year, it’s easy. Green Bay – Seattle: The Seahawks are pretty much the same team as the one that obliterated the Packers in the season opener. Fortunately for Green Bay, they are not. BSP feels Green Bay is a … Continue reading

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Today’s NFL Predictions

Today we have San Diego at Cincinnati; San Francisco at Green Bay. San Diego has Phillip “Douchebag” Rivers, a playoff-experienced quarterback who has had some postseason success. We call Phillip Rivers “douchebag” due to his earlier battles with Jay Cutler, … Continue reading

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